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It’s time to stop wasting your money on expensive marketing solutions when you can accomplish so much more with these free, high-converting sales funnel templates.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how big your budget is – if you want to drive traffic and create leads, then this post has everything that you need! 

All of these sales funnel templates are available to you by ClickFunnels!

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But… what a is sales funnel?

Sales funnel is a sales process that businesses use to turn their customers into loyal patrons.

These particular sales funnel is a tried and tested method that has been used by businesses for some time now.

The sales process is breakdown into a number of steps or stages that a sales person needs to go through to convert a prospect into a customer.

A sales funnel will generally begin with a large audience and then slowly narrow down the traffic until it gets to the end user who becomes a customer.

That is what you should be doing with your leads, users and customers.  

A typical sales funnel stages include:

  • Top of The Funnel (Brand Awareness)
  • Middle of The Funnel
  • Bottom of The Funnel

The workflow and sales process focus on customer journey and buying journey.

In this blog we will be focus on top of the funnel, which is to get more leads.

And types of sales funnel you can use your marketing strategy to capture leads with your site visitors and convert cold prospects into customers.

Lead Generation Funnel Templates

As you know , the foundation of every business is to acquire new leads and turn them into paying customers.

Some businesses do this better than others, but most businesses could spend more time and money on lead generation.

Using Sales Funnel Templates can bring you a lot closer to your goal of generating more sales with less effort!

Here are 9 lead generation funnel templates that can assist your Sales Funnel.

Home Page Sales Funnel Templates

A home page funnel gives the entrepreneur the chance to create a lead funnel right on their homepage.

It can be used as an alternative to the Hero Funnel by highlighting the business’ origins and also features many of their most popular products.

This is a great option for businesses that want to have a traditional “home page” website but utilize lead capture.

A home page funnel has the following features:

  • It uses a classic homepage design
  • A big opt in form sits right on top of the page.
  • The headline offers a strong CTA and reinforces your business mission/message
  • One or more popular products featured above the fold

As you scroll down, visitors can choose from your most popular products.

Below is the illustration of a Home Page Funnel.

Sales Funnel Templates
free clickfunnel templates
network marketing funnel template
russell brunson perfect webinar template
webinar funnel that converts

Below is one of the Home Page Funnel templates available in your ClickFunnels account.

Sales Funnel Templates
free clickfunnel templates
network marketing funnel template
russell brunson perfect webinar template
webinar funnel that converts
Homepage Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Lead Magnet Funnel Templates

A lead magnet funnel is an optin funnel that requires the visitor to leave their email address in exchange for something of value.

The report or video is actually what you want the visitor to optin for.

It’s like offering a trade, something of value for their contact information.

They get something valuable in return while you also get what you want- their email address.

Below is the illustration of a Lead Magnet Funnel.

Sales Funnel Templates
free clickfunnel templates
network marketing funnel template
russell brunson perfect webinar template
webinar funnel that converts

Below is one of the Lead Magnet Funnel templates available in your ClickFunnels account.

Sales Funnel Templates
free clickfunnel templates
network marketing funnel template
russell brunson perfect webinar template
webinar funnel that converts
Lead Magnet Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Live Demo Sales Funnel Templates

A live demo funnel is a way for an entrepreneur to show off their product by demonstrating it.

It is a live version of an “in funnel” which are used by companies to collect leads.

So how does it work?

You will show off your product in front of your audience members.

They will be able to ask you about the product and their questions will be answered on-the-spot in real time.

You can also reiterate your product to new viewers during broadcasting.

How does it benefit the entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur gains the ability to show off their own products and answer any questions that may arise.

This can help keep people interested in the product with real-time answers.

It also gives them an opportunity to reintroduce themselves with a new audience.

How does it benefit the viewers?

Viewers get to see an entrepreneur demo their product live on screen.

They will be able to interact with you and ask questions about your product.  

They can also follow along with the entrepreneur as he or she starts using their new product for the first time!

This is a great tool for entrepreneurs to use in order to get a better idea of whether or not their product is a good fit for the consumer.

Below is the illustration of a Live Demo Funnel.

Sales Funnel Templates
free clickfunnel templates
network marketing funnel template
russell brunson perfect webinar template
webinar funnel that converts

Below is one of the Live Demo Funnel templates available in your ClickFunnels account.

Sales Funnel Templates
Live Demo Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Application Sales Funnel templates

An Application Funnel is when you require someone to fill out an application in order to be considered for your services.

Application funnel is a simple, but effective way to get leads for your business or services.

How do you set up an application funnel?

Using an Application Funnel is easy.

All you need to do is create a form that asks people to fill out certain details about themselves and then submit it back to you.

If someone fills out the form, they’re considered qualified prospects.

Once you have a list of qualified prospects, you can then set up meeting appointments with them to discuss your offer.

This is the best way to get targeted leads that are interested in your business or services.

Early on when I was just starting my business, all I used were Application Funnels to generate leads for my business.

Below is the illustration of an Application Funnel.

Sales Funnel Templates

Below is one of the Application Funnel templates available in your ClickFunnels account.

Sales Funnel Templates
Application Funnel Template

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Squeeze Page Sales Funnel Templates

A squeeze page is a web page that only contains the essential elements needed to get an email address.

The goal of a squeeze page is to lead visitors through your website until they are compelled to subscribe to your mailing list.

Some people also call them squeeze pages because they are used for squeezing out new subscribers.

Squeeze page funnel templates are used to launch your business.

Some of the most common uses for these templates include:

Driving people to opt-in pages on your blog or website, driving visitors straight to your product sales funnels, driving leads into an app landing page, etc.

Sales Funnel Templates
Sales Funnel Templates
Squeeze Page Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Bridge Page Sales Funnel templates

A bridge page funnel is a type of page that connects two different, but related ideas for the customer, or to pre-frame the thing you really want to sell.

A good example of this is affiliate marketers who do not control the pages they are sending their visitors to when they are ready to signup.

With a bridge page funnel, you have the ability to prep them before sending them into a funnel you don’t control.

One of the most important elements in any bridge page funnel is to create a believable and intuitive flow for your visitor.

You want to make it seem natural that they would click from one page to the next.

Sales Funnel Templates
Sales Funnel Templates
Bridge Page Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Survey Sales Funnel Templates

A survey funnel is a simple process consisting of a number of questions which should help you to understand your audience.

You can use it to identify their needs and preferences or as a form of market research.

Here’s what the funnel looks like:

Sales Funnel Templates

A survey funnel can also help you figure out who your visitors are.

If they are interested in the product, for instance, you want to offer them a different sales message than if they say they’re just browsing.

What are the benefits of using a survey funnel?

To help you figure out if your visitors are ready to buy.

Tell people that they have to fill out a form or answer questions before they can watch the sales video, etc., this will increase your conversion rate.

To improve the overall experience of your visitors.

Sales Funnel Templates
Survey Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Reverse Squeeze Page Sales Funnel templates

A reverse squeeze page is when someone is asked to optin before they take – in this case, they need to watch the video before opting in.

This is helpful when you want to drop your potential customers’ walls quickly and they’ve already contributed to your ‘relationship’ with them.

Usually you’ll have a lower conversion rate than a traditional squeeze page, but the quality of the leads will be much higher.

The thank you page is used to give more information and share with their friends.

Sales Funnel Templates

What are the benefits of using a reverse squeeze page?

The most significant benefit of using Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel, beside building trust quickly, is that viewers are not required to supply an email address before they watch your video.

But you can still send them emails after they optin, offering more products or bonuses.

A reverse squeeze page is also a great tool for increasing your conversion rate.

You can also see it as one of the most effective way to traffic your site because you are having an additional video prompt on top of everything else.

It can really help you build trust and confidence with your visitors.

By using this funnel, you can share your content with people who might not be interested in that particular offer.

It helps build a huge audience for you to sell to later on down the line.

Also, if they do optin and it’s something they’re interested in, then you’ll already have them pre-sold on what they’re getting.

Sales Funnel Templates
Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Ask Campaign Sales Funnel templates

Ask campaign funnel is a marketing technique made to find out what customers want from you so you can solve one of their biggest challenges.

This technique works by helping you to find out what your customers want, which you then solve.

It’s generally best to ask about one big challenge at a time, and it can be helpful to ask in person or over the phone rather than via email.

Sales Funnel Templates
Sales Funnel Templates
Ask Campaign Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Sales Funnel Template: Why Does Your Business Need A Sales Funnel?

There are many reasons why businesses need sales funnels.

The first is because customers are becoming increasingly savvy to the bait-and-switch techniques of scammy, useless products.

Sales funnels can be used to convince a customer to buy a product by providing them with a legitimate, high quality content that will give value to their life – all before they’ve even bought it!

Sales funnels also allow you to stack multiple offers on top of each other, meaning that the customer only has to say yes once.

Sales funnel templates provide you with a structure that will help your business succeed.

Simply plug in your offer and bam – you have a sales funnel!

Sales Funnel Templates: What Sales Funnel Templates Do We Have?

ClickFunnels offer multiple templates that are completely customizable.

You can edit any of the following elements: destination page, headlines / subheadlines, copy length and design.

This is a free sales funnel template so you don’t need to worry about paying for it.

In the previous article, we discussed lead generation.

Today we are going to focus on choosing the right sales funnel template!

Having a lead without a sales page is like having a house without walls.

The Sales Funnel can be used for any product, including physical products and digital products.

However, low tier and high tier product or service require a different marketing strategy.

Let’s discover which sales funnel template works for each tier.

Low Ticket Front End Product

A low-ticket front end product is more of a lead generation marketing tool rather than being an actual product.

Sales funnels for low-ticket front end products are more of just a funnel that leads to more of a newsletter.

Sales funnels for low-ticket front end products generate leads and encourage engagement with your business.

The idea behind this strategy is break the ice between you and your customer and get them to trust you.

If done properly, the low-ticket front end product can actually help your customer make a purchase in the future because they know and like you!

The other reason to offer low ticket front end product is to cover the ad cost that you have to pay for the traffic that was used.

Daily Deal Funnel

A Daily Deal Funnel is a Sales Funnel that uses a Daily Deals Sales Promotion to bring prospects into your Sales Funnel.

In today’s social media world, Daily Deals and Sales Promotions are used more and more.

There is a huge variety of different Sales and Promotion types and customers can’t be too sure which one to choose.

When they find one they like, many times they will share it with their friends and family on their Social Media Accounts.

Even if the customer doesn’t buy anything at all, you can still get new people into your Sales Funnel by offering them the Daily Deal or Sales Promotion for free!

Here is an example of Daily Deal Funnel.

Sales funnel template
Daily Deal Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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2-Step Tripwire Funnel

A tripwire is an irresistible product that is made with the intention of acquiring customers quickly.

Once they purchase you can lead them to more expensive products by using bump-ups and one-click upsells or downsells.

The “two-step” gets its name because this funnel incorporates a two-step order form.

To start, potential customers are asked for their contact information.

Second, the customer selects the product they are interested in and submits their credit card information.

One of the main advantages of this funnel is it builds on your contact list after every sale.

Upsells and downsells are used to keep people at your store longer by offering more valuable products for sale on the thank you page.

Typically, the goal of this funnel is to break even on ad-spend and ascend your paying customers through more expensive products.

This will increase the average cart value.

Sales funnel template
2-Step Tripwire Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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7 Core Funnel Ebook
7 Core Funnel Ebook

Mid Tier Front End Product

The mid-tier front end product is usually described as your initial offer starting between $37-$297.

However, I’d like to think of it as a stepping stone to the high-end offer which you will likely sell down the road.

As far as what your early front-end product should contain?

It really depends on who is buying and why they’re buying.

The information in these products can be very different from one another or identical depending on the offer.

Membership Funnel

A membership funnel is a type of sales funnel that is used to sell people into membership sites, paid newsletters, and more.

You will typically use a video sales letter or some other type of page in order to sell the service.

On the first page someone signs up for a trial.

On the second page, they are taken to a thank you/welcome message.

This is where people typically choose their membership level and add in any additional products that they want delivered with it.

Depending on what option someone chooses when creating their account will depend on how much content is available for them at this point in time (video sales letter, video webinar, etc).

After they have completed the purchase process they are taken to a thank you/welcome page where someone is given access to their membership pass.

On this second “thank you” or welcome message it will be up to them if they want more information on any of your additional products.

For example if someone chose the “silver membership” they will be brought to a thank you/welcome message page where it is up to them to choose whether or not they want more information on your coaching service.

If someone chooses this option, then like before, depending on their choice of products that are delivered with their membership pass will determine what type of access they have to this content.

If someone chooses not to get more information on your additional products, then it is up to you as the product creator/marketer how much free content you want them exposed too before asking for payment (i.e., video sales letter, blog posts only, etc).

Sales funnel template
Membership Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Sales Letter Funnel

The sales letter funnel is a process that takes your prospects from awareness to purchasing decision.

The way the long form sales letter funnel works is by providing them with a journey from when they first see your marketing material to when they purchase your product or service.

These steps are tailored to the customer and should be written in a way that will grab their attention and lead them through the sales funnel.

The beginning of the sales letter should provide a persuasive introduction about why your product or service will satisfy their needs.

This introduction should be brief and tightly focused on one message in order to make it more effective.

The next step of the sales letter is called the proof point where you give proof or an example of how people like them have benefited from using your product or service.

This should be written in a way that will make the customer feel like they fit into this group and relate to it.

The next stage of the sales letter funnel is called an offer point which focuses on how your product or service can benefit them specifically.

It should detail all the benefits you have already talked about and give a specific call to action.

The final stage of the sales letter is the close which gets them thinking about their purchase and getting it done with an offer or incentive so they can move forward in your funnel.

This free download will provide more tips on how to create effective sales letters that get customers from awareness to decision.

Sales funnel template

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Video Sales Letter

A video sales letter is a short video that has been designed to persuade people to purchase your product.

It will typically include an introduction, benefits for the customer and testimonials, as well as specific calls to action.

There are five essential elements that will make your video sales letter powerful.

First, introduce yourself and what you’re known for (e.g., “Hi, I’m Ralph Chua”).

Next, be clear on the goal of your video by telling people why they should watch it (e.g.,”I think this is something you should know about.”).

Next, speak directly to your audience by telling them why this video is relevant for them (e.g., “Let me tell you how it will benefit you”).

Then, let people know what they’re going to learn in the video (e.g.,”I’m going to teach you how…”)

Finally, close the video with a clear call to action (e.g., “So don’t wait any longer – visit our website now”).

By following this structure you’ll create a compelling and effective sales letter that will lead your audience straight into your shopping cart!

Sales funnel template
Video Sales Letter Sales Funnel Template

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Invisible Funnel

An Invisible funnel is a sales funnel where the product is given for free.

If the customer likes the product they will be billed for it, if they do not like the product, they will not be billed.

It works by giving away a lot of value for free upfront and only charging if the customer liked what they received.

The customer needs to give their credit card details to register and receive access to this for free which can be used as additional leverage to convince them to purchase more.

It is like going to a restaurant and only paying if you liked the food.

If the customer did not like it, they are told that they will not be billed at all.

This type of sales funnel works by giving away a lot of value upfront which can help convince them to purchase more products later on with additional OTOs.

Sales funnel template
Invisible Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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High-End Front End Product

A high-end front end product is a usually describe your offer start from $297 and beyond.

If you are selling high-end front end product you can consider using the following sales funnel template.

  • Product Launch Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Auto Webinar Funnel

Product Launch Funnel

A Product Launch Funnel is a bottom up approach to marketing and advertising a product.

It consists of all the marketing and advertising methods that are utilized before, during and after the actual product launch.

The Product Launch Funnel approach has the objective of generating awareness and hype around a product before it reaches the market.

As such, it also aims to create anticipation for the product by increasing public interest in advance of its availability.

It is important to note that not all marketing and advertising efforts are part of a Product Launch Funnel, but rather they belong to one or more specific stages within it.

Marketing activities such as public relations, social media outreach and content creation do not have a place within the Product Launch Funnel approach and thus should be considered separately.

The stages of a product launch funnel can range from one to five steps, depending on the marketer’s objectives as well as resources available for each campaign/activity.

Typically however, within a Product Launch Funnel, the stages are broken down as follows:

Awareness – created by generating hype around the product and its release.

Interest – generated through awareness campaigns that raise questions about the new product to be launched or offer clues as to what it will entail.

Education – this stage involves providing target customer with information about the product’s features and benefits.

Pre-order – this stage involves offering potential customers an early opportunity to pre-purchase the new item prior its public release.

Sales – this stage is directed at consumers who have already pre-purchased the product and involves continued promotion to encourage repeat purchases or cross-selling.

Sales funnel template
Product Launch Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Webinar Funnel

A Webinar Funnel is a marketing solution that is built around the delivery of webinars.

A Webinar Funnel offers five stages: Registration, Onboarding, Presentation, Closing and Review.

Registration – this stage courts prospective customers by inviting them to sign up for a webinar with sign up form.

Onboarding – this stage gives an overview of the upcoming events and ensures that all participants are on the same page before proceeding to the next stages.

Presentation – this stage provides an overview of the topic and details about the presenter and their experience.

Closing – this stage offers a summary and prompts questions from participants as well as providing information about what will happen after the webinar ends, such as a follow-up course or a guide.

Review – this stage provides participants with an opportunity to leave feedback and makes them aware of upcoming webinars, if applicable.

It is important to note that the stages presented above may vary depending on the marketer’s objectives as well as resources available for each campaign/activity.

The steps of a Webinar Funnel can range from one to five, depending on the marketer’s objectives as well as resources available for each campaign/activity.

Sales funnel template
Webinar Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Auto Webinar Funnel

A Webinar Funnel is a marketing solution that is built around the delivery of webinars.

The Auto Webinar Funnel delivers webinars automatically to interested prospects.

The stages of an Auto Webinar Funnel are the same as those for a regular Webinar Funnel.

However, in this case, they are all triggered by the prospect’s actions rather than someone manually initiating them.

This means that all stages can be automated and lead seamlessly into one another, with no manual interference required on behalf of the marketer.

All that they need to do is provide potential customers with information about their product and hope that they find it interesting enough to sign up for the next webinar and move through each stage.

Sales funnel template
Auto Webinar Funnel Sales Funnel Template

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right sales funnel template in your marketing strategies is the most important steps in any sales process because it’s what will help ensure you on the right path to a successful sales funnel.

I hope this article has given you some valuable insight into how to sell your product online.

When it comes down to it, the best way to increase sales is by understanding what’s going on in customer’s brains and tailoring your marketing strategy accordingly.

The templates we covered here should help get you started with incorporating neuroscience principles into your digital marketing plan.

Which of these templates have you tried?

If none yet, try ClickFunnels today!

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