Network Marketing Secrets Review: What is the fastest way to succeed in network marketing?

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This is a Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

Network marketing is a business model where you build your network by recruiting people into the system, who then pay for their own product and also help to sell that product.

Network Marketing can be very profitable if approached correctly but it’s important to do research before jumping in head first to ensure you are familiar with all aspects of Network Marketing before making the jump.

With Network Marketing , you can expect to make money with these businesses in two ways: Networking, where your organization does all of the work for you; or Leveraging, when you start to build out your team and develop residual income by building an active sales force.

The Network Marketing Secret book lays out the Network Marketing fundamentals and guides you through setting up your Network Marketing business as well as helping your downline do exactly that.

Can you use ClickFunnels for network marketing?

Let’s find out how Russell Brunson do it with sales funnel.

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Network Marketing Secrets: Claim Your Free Copy!

What is Network Marketing Secrets Book About?

Network Marketing Secrets Book is a complete guide for network marketer who are looking to learn how to earn money through Network Marketing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to find your 2 dream clients
  • The Network Marketing Viral Loop
  • How to sell without selling, using the Demo
  • Understanding the Call To Action (CTA) for Network Marketer
  • The Ultimate Network Marketing Sales Funnel…and more!

These are just some of the things that Network Marketing Secrets will teach you.

The course is over 76 pages of pure Network Marketing gold, and it’s jam-packed with information which you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are interested in Network Marketing Secrets, click the link below to learn more on how to get started quickly and easily: Network Marketing Secrets Book By Russell Brunson.

What You’ll Find Inside the Network Marketing Secrets Book?

In this Network Marketing Secrets book review, we’ll be looking at Russell Brunson’s new book which promises to show you how to overcome the three main challenges faced by MLM industry: recruitment, selling products, and generating traffic.

What Is MLM?

MLM is short for “multi-level marketing”. It’s when a product is sold not just to the person who needs it but also to the friends and family of that person. Network marketing companies make money by recruiting others into their team and getting rewarded on their efforts (and their efforts, and their efforts…).

Russell starts the book by discussing the evolution of the Network Marketing funnel, and how it has changed over time.

He then introduces the “Three Lost Funnels” which represent a major shift in the way networking companies should be thinking about their business.


The first funnel is all about recruitment – getting people to join your team.

The key to success in this funnel is to create a “viral loop” that will get people talking about your business and products.


The second funnel is all about converting your prospects into customers.

Russell goes on to explain how you need to understand your prospect’s journey and what they’re going through, this includes a number of tools that can help you do just that.


Finally, the third funnel involves helping your new customer become a promoter who will then be able to bring in more customers, all without you spending money on marketing.

The book is well written and easy to follow.

It’s full of practical steps that can be applied straight away to take your MLM Journey to the next level.

No matter what type of network marketing company you join you can still apply the core strategy in this book to your network marketing opportunity.

What Are The Three Lost Funnels?

In the section, Russell Brunson will teach you how to use sales funnels to grow your mlm business.

The Bridge Funnel

This Bridge Funnel is all about building relationships.

The Bridge sales funnels will help you build a relationship with your prospect long before you ever talk to them about your business opportunity.

It is the best bridge sales funnels to generate leads in Network marketing industry.

Bridge funnel can be used to build trust and rapport with their prospects before talking about Network Marketing.

The Home Party Funnel

This Sales Funnels is all about converting your Network Marketers into Sales People that will create a viral marketing system in a home party setting.

Russell Brunson is a successful network marketer and he shares how to use sales funnels to your network marketing success.

The Hotel Meeting Funnel

With this Hotel Meeting Funnel you will be able to leverage their new customers into promoters that will do the selling for you.

This Hotel Meeting Funnel is all about duplication, which means making more money with less effort.

As an experienced network marketer he states in Network Marketing Secrets book that this Hotel Meeting funnel has the power to grow your network marketing and produce 10 times or more new distributors from a simple sign-up.

Network Marketing Secrets Pricing Review

Network Marketing Secrets is a great book that will teach you everything you need to know about network marketing.

The book is only $0.00 + shipping costs ($7.95 in US, $16.04 international), and you can expect to have it delivered to your doorstep.

This is a great offer, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of it.

Russell Brunson is probably the biggest internet marketing expert that you can find.

He has been in business for himself for a while now and he has created several successful businesses.

He is one of the most reputable figures in this industry, and Network Marketing Secrets is another opportunity to discover his knowledge.

Network Marketing Secrets Bulk Discounts

If you found that network marketing secrets is so valuable to you, then I would highly recommend that you buy Network Marketing Secrets in bulk.

Network Marketing Secrets book is available in 4 different packages.

The price for each package differs, but the more Network Marketing secrets books that you purchase, the cheaper they will be per book.

For example, you will part with only $100 for 10 copies, $250 for 25 copies, and $500 for 50 copies.

How Does MLM Funnel Looks Like

Main Takeaways from This Network Marketing Secrets Book Review

Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson is a Network Marketing book that breaks down all Network marketing secrets into simple terms.

Network Marketing Secrets Book teaches the 3 lost funnels – Home Party, Bridge and Hotel Meeting Funnels.

You can use these funnels to explode their Network Marketing Business.

The Network Marketing Secrets book provides detailed explanation on Network Marketing with real life examples.

This Network Marketing Secrets book is an excellent resource for Network Marketers to learn Network marketing secrets and get started creating a Network Marketing Business.

Network Marketing Secrets book provides simple step-by-step process that Network Marketers can replicate to build a successful Network Marketing Business.

The best part of Network Marketing Secrets book is that Network Marketers can build Network Marketing Business without spending hundreds of dollars on bunch of useless Network marketing courses.

Final Word on The Network Marketing Secrets Review

I am sure you will find Network Marketing Secrets book by Russell Brunson as an excellent resource for Network Marketers to learn Network marketing secrets and start build your network marketing team.

If you are one of those Network Marketers that is stuck in the same old Network marketing cycle, then this Network Marketing Secrets book is definitely for you.

Network Marketing Secrets book will give Network Marketers an edge to explode their Network Marketing Business by teaching you marketing strategies by using simple sales funnels.

Network marketers can dramatically shorten the learning curve and start Network Marketing Business faster with Network Marketing Secrets book.

Russell not only known for digital marketing world, sales funnels expert, he is reputable for his achievement in network marketing world as well.

If you are ready to build a successful Network Marketing business, then I highly recommend that you get a free copy of Network Marketing Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

Some other best-selling books written by Russell Brunson you should read:

  • Dotcom Secrets
  • Expert Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets

You can get all these book in the upsell when you decided to buy network marketing secrets.

Network Marketing Secrets: The Hidden ‘Funnel’ Strategy... That Easily Attracts The RIGHT People, Who Are SO SUPER INTERESTED in What You’re Selling.

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