ClickFunnels Vs Leadpages: What’s The Difference?

Written by Ralph Chua
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Which is better, ClickFunnels VS LeadPages?

This question has been debated for years.

Some people will say that one is better than the other while others will disagree.

The truth may surprise you!

They are both great tools with their own pros and cons.

You can use our comparison chart to see which one might be best for your business needs. 

Here is a quick breakdown of what you’ll get:

Funnel Builder Secrets ($4,997 Value)
Funnel Builder Certification ($14,997 Value)
Geru Account ($1,997 Value)
ClickFunnels Classic + 2.0 Accounts ($12,997 Value)
Funnel Scripts Account ($2,997 Value)
Marketplace Premium Listings (Priceless)

ClickFunnels Vs LeadPages: What’s The Difference?

One of the most important features to have when marketing your business is customer engagement.

But how do you get customers into converting?

The answer, as with everything in life: it all depends on what kind of funnel they fall down!

There are many different applications out there that can help generate more leads and make money from those visitors – one such application being ClickFunnels which has been described by some users as “all-in-one sales funnel.” 

On the other hand Leadpages offers only landing pages for lead capture forms; this specialized form does not allow email lists or social media integration like its competitors’ platforms do but instead relies heavily upon content creation through text ads placed directly onto the home page.

Both ClickFunnels pages and Leadpages landing pages are great at generating leads for your business, but they do so in slightly different ways.

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ClickFunnels and Leadpages have a variety of features that are unique to either application.

Click Funnel’s biggest difference from the competition?

The ability to create beautiful landing pages, send out emails automatically with opt-in forms or prewritten messages using autoresponders, process sales from inside your funnel – all in one place! 

Leadpage on the other hand makes it easy for you by providing templates so everything is tailored just right while still giving them total control over their design preferences which will lead them down specific paths depending who they’re trying reach (eager customer/loyal supporter) at any given moment; this helps reduce bounce rates because people know exactly what information asks when there is a high amount of uncertainty. 

Leadpages is called out above because it offers landing pages but ClickFunnels makes it easy to build your own page types with the drag-and-drop editor within their popular platform.

ClickFunnels Vs LeadPages

Landing Pages

ClickFunnels gives you the tools to build landing pages with ease.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it simple for anyone from marketers who are experienced in this field, or total beginners alike!

You can add countdown timers and autoplay videos without any difficulty whatsoever.

No matter what type of web designer you may be accustomed too working on sites like WordPress.

ClickFunnel’s UI will have everything laid out beautifully so that putting together a clean design takes just minutes rather then hours which would otherwise take place while waiting around at each stage until complete before moving onto another step.

Yes ClickFunnels is that easy!

You can create entire sales funnels with ClickFunnels with ease.

The ClickFunnels landing page builder is extremely intuitive and fast to work with, all you need do is drag and drop your elements into place.

This makes ClickFunnels one of the simplest landing page builders available on the market today.

Leadpages is a single-purpose specialized landing page software app that includes all the features you need for PPC campaigns.

It has dozens of landing page templates, an exit pop up and other tools which marketers who are looking to boost conversions will find useful.

The wide range of options in LeadPages means it’s easy enough even if your experience designing website pages isn’t as extensive because there’s something here tailored just right!

Leadpages is a simple, single-purpose application for building landing pages.

While ClickFunnels includes page design tools as part of an all-in-one sales funnel creation tool, Leadpages is designed more specifically towards the needs of marketers who want to generate leads from PPC ads and blog posts.

Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels is a powerful marketing tool for entrepreneurs and marketers.

You can create entire sales funnel in just a few minutes with complete ease.

It’s easy to use, with funnels that allow you to sell products or host webinars without any prior experience required!

The great thing about Click Funnel’s prebuilt sales funnels are the many options available depending on what type of campaign we want our audience members engaged in (collecting emails vs selling something), as well as who will be responding: individuals looking at different pages related only through leadpages’ geniux platform or people wanting more information via email after clicking an ad banner posted by one advertiser alongside another company’s product offer on the social network facebook.

Leadpages, even though it is slightly cheaper, takes a bit more work to get your website up and running compared to Click Funnels!

If you aren’t tech savvy or don’t have someone on hand who does, then take this into consideration before deciding on which one is best for you.

The purpose of this article is to compare and contrast ClickFunnels and Leadpages.

ClickFunnels is much simpler to use and is better for creating sales funnels, while Leadpages is more powerful and is better for creating landing pages.

ClickFunnels: Pros & Cons

ClickFunnels is a sales funnel application that does it all.

It allows you to manage every aspect of your marketing process, from creating messages and landing pages in one place so there are no additional steps between inputting data and seeing its effects on audiences’ behavior towards the company’s offering(s).

This simplicity makes Click Funnel popular with marketers because they can focus less time managing multiple applications – instead taking advantage of what this tool has built into itself when compared against other similar tools out there.


ClickFunnels is a business’ best friend.

  • It has everything they need to create sales funnels, such as software for email autoresponders and shopping carts that can handle any task from order processing all the way up front-end marketing materials and even membership sites.
  • Click Funnel’s drag & drop interface makes designing funnels easy! You’ll be able start collecting leads in no time at all with ClickFunnels powerful editor which enables you to create everything from sales pages to checkout pages, with no technical coding required.
  • ClickFunnels is also excellent for creating landing pages – in fact, it’s optimized for this purpose!
  • It has pre-made templates that will make designing your landing page simple enough even if you don’t have any experience design or building web pages.
  • ClickFunnels integrates with Twilio so you can send automated SMS messages to your funnel subscribers. This is an easy way for sales people who are always on the go and need extra motivation in their inboxes, or any company looking forward into modern marketing techniques!
  • With this one application, you can manage every aspect of your sales and marketing funnel. Everything is accessible from a single location so it’s easy to keep track on what needs attention at any given time.


  • The ClickFunnels landing page builder is ideal for creating simple lead capture forms, but it isn’t as powerful or robust when compared with the Leadpages Builder.


ClickFunnels is a fantastic tool for online marketers. It’s specifically designed to simplify sales funnels. There are several downsides however, that should be considered if you’re going into this project expecting everything your holy grail marketing tool can do!

My favorite thing about ClickFunnels is that it lets your entire sales and marketing funnel live in one place.

It’s like you’re living in a town (Click Funnels) where you can see all the people who want to be customers or subscribers, and once they sign up; you can create amazing content for them!

The people who want to learn more can then drop into another town (website) that you created just for them. !

I love Click Funnels because it’s so simple and easy to use to create landing pages and entire funnel.

All of the features are accessible from the homepage, and you don’t need to create an account or log in to use them.

This is just perfect for small businesses that are just starting out online!

ClickFunnels 14-Days Free Trial:

ClickFunnels 30-Days Free Trial:

LeadPages: Pros & Cons

Leadpages is a software application that is fairly easy for beginners to use, but it’s also very powerful.

Leadpages has many features that ClickFunnels lacks, such as a more robust landing page builder and a wider variety of templates.

However, Leadpages doesn’t have the degree of flexibility that ClickFunnels offers because it can only be used to build leadpages landing pages.

It’s also important to mention that Leadpages is more expensive than ClickFunnels because it has fewer features, so if you’re looking for a diverse tool with lots of options then ClickFunnels might be the better choice.


  • Leadpages offers a much more robust and customizable landing page builder with all the tools you need. You can drag-and-drop elements such as text boxes, video players or social sharing bars onto your website in order create beautiful-looking templates that get results for your business!
  • Leadpages is the go-to for all of your landing page needs. You can start off with a free template or design one yourself and choose between hundreds!
  • For designers interested in customizing their landing page with code that is fully customized to match the requirements of their business, the Leadpages Builder has an HTML editor.
  • With the Leadpages WordPress Connector, you can publish content to your wordpress site with a few clicks.
  • Leadpages is a complete marketing solution that integrates seamlessly with your CRM.
  • The A/B testing(Split Testing) and conversion optimization tools are built right into the UI, so you can optimize every aspect of lead generation from within LeadPages’ sleek interface without ever having to leave it!
  • Works well with mobile responsive pages


  • One of the main cons of Leadpages is that it can only be used to build excellent landing pages. This means you need to add a separate tool to your marketing stack if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution.


If you’re looking for an application that’s easier to use, then Leadpages might not be the right fit.

However, it does have more templates and customization tools which can help split test various landing pages in your PPC campaign- making this option ideal if what you need is a variety on how visitors are greeted when they arrive at one of these webpages!


ClickFunnels has many features that can help you create your perfect funnel.

The $97 per month plan includes 20 funnels and 100 pages, up to 3 custom domains of unlimited traffic with A/B testing capabilities for optimization purposes as well!

With Clickfunnels’ payment processor included in the package too, accepting credit cards will never be an issue again thanks to the powerful integrations.

The ClickFunnels Platinum Plan is the best way to get all of your marketing needs covered.

Includes unlimited pages and funnels, an easy-to use interface that will have you generating leads within minutes of signing up with this company!

You can create multiple landing pages with this plan.

You can even create your own affiliate program.

Leadpages offers a variety of plans to suit any need.

The Standard plan starts at $25 per month with annual billing and provides everything from pop-up forms, landing pages, WordPress publishing & email assistance with an unrestricted number of users on each platform.

To unlock more feature like a/b testing you need to sign up for the pro or advanced plan.

However, there is no free trial offered by Leadpages. I

If customers are not satisfied with their product after the 30-day period has passed, they may get a full refund, including any fees paid.


So, what are the differences between Leadpages and ClickFunnels?

There are many similarities.

Both offer drag-and-drop landing pages that can be customized with your branding or to fit a particular marketing campaign.

They both have integrations with other popular services like Aweber, Mailchimp, etc., so you should easily be able to send traffic from one service into another without too much trouble.

The main difference comes down to how each company approaches sales funnels – where Leadpages has a narrower focus on just funnel building landing pages, Clickfunnels is a full-fledged marketing suite.

If you’re looking for a more complete package, then ClickFunnels is likely your best option – though if all you need are simple landing pages, either will get the job done!

Get Started with ClickFunnels with following options:

ClickFunnels 14-Days Free Trial:


ClickFunnels 30-Days Free Trial:

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Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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