How To Use ClickFunnels For Insurance

Written by Ralph Chua
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ClickFunnels For Insurance

Insurance agents need a way to generating leads and recruitments efficiently.

There are many different solutions out there, but they all have one thing in common: they’re not simple.

They require a lot of time and effort from the insurance agent to set up and maintain, which means that you’ll spend more time working on your business than actually running it.

ClickFunnels is the solution for you!

It’s easy-to-use software that allows you to create landing pages, auto responder sequences (emails), webinars, lead capture funnels (and much more!) without having any technical knowledge or relying on developers!

This means less time spent setting up your funnel system so that you can focus on generating sales instead of spending hours every week trying to figure out how everything works together.

Their software is extremely intuitive.

You don’t need previous experience with any kind of marketing or automation systems to utilize it, because they’ve done all the hard work for you.

It’s like hiring a team of developers, marketers, and graphic designers (and an amazing client success manager) without having to hire them! 

Here is a quick breakdown of what you’ll get:

Funnel Builder Secrets ($4,997 Value)
Funnel Builder Certification ($14,997 Value)
Geru Account ($1,997 Value)
ClickFunnels Classic + 2.0 Accounts ($12,997 Value)
Funnel Scripts Account ($2,997 Value)
Marketplace Premium Listings (Priceless)

ClickFunnels For Insurance: But First What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a way to systematically guide your prospects through the journey of becoming aware of your existence, learning about you and the problems you solve, why they need what you provide, and finally making contact with you and buy insurance with you.

Most people start out by searching for something on Google or social media.

They see an ad (or multiple ads), click it, and are taken to a landing page.

Here is where they decide whether or not they want what you’re offering!

A well-designed sales funnel will convince them if your product or service is worth it, and guide them through the process of purchasing something.

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ClickFunnels For Insurance: Getting More Leads

Your sales funnel should also lead to more leads and put you in front of more prospects.

Here are some examples:    

A webinar to capture emails or create a follow up email sequence, or even an ad on social media, leading people to sign up for the webinar.

An animated video on your blog, which is shared across social media, leads people to leave their email addresses in order to get access.

A landing page which sells an ebook about the problems of having bad credit and how it can affect your life.

They’ll come to this page because they either want more information or because they’re looking to fix their credit.

The ebook then offers them the solution to getting better credit, by either letting you get access to cheaper loans or discounted rates when buying a house.  

There are many different ways your sales funnel can work together with what you offer.

You just have to be creative!

For example, below is a Lead Magnet Funnel for your reference.

Lead Magnet Funnel
ClickFunnels for insurance
Source: ClickFunnels Cookbook

Yes, it’s that simple to create a lead magnet funnel.

You can find this illustration in your ClickFunnels account.

ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents: Does it work?

Now you know how the sales funnel works, and why they’re important, but does this software work as well as everyone says it does?

Yes! 100% yes.

In fact, don’t take my word for it.

The founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson , has a wildly successful business which he started using his own version of the software, known as ClickFunnels.  

He’s made millions of dollars through his software, and he also has a bestselling book internationally titled “DotCom Secrets”, where he talks about how to build an online business.

Russell Brunson is not the only person who has found success with ClickFunnels.  

Over 100,000 businesses are using it, and many of them are making more money than they ever have before, due to their business systems running so smoothly.  

Their funnels work together perfectly so that there’s no confusing process of moving from one step to the next.

It takes all the thinking out of it for you.  

All the hard work is done for you, so you can focus on attracting more customers and closing sales!

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Watch Russell Brunson Explain What Is a Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents: Insurance Sales Funnel Example

Let’s look at an example of how you could use ClickFunnels to create a sales funnel for an insurance agent.

This will help you to better understand just how easy it is to set up a sales funnel, and see some of the powerful features they’re using at their disposal.

As an insurance agents, you’ll want to create a landing page in order to funnel your viewers into the next step in the process.

You can do this by simply creating one using ClickFunnels!

It’s easy because they have hundreds of free templates which are already created for you, so all you have to do is choose one that speaks to your audience.

Let’s breakdown the sales funnel for insurance agents.

Let’s get started.

We’ll start from the top of the funnel and work our way down.

Top of the Funnel: Awareness

In this step, we’re attempting to get people to know who you are and what you do without selling them on anything just yet.  

You can accomplish this by using banner ads, social media ads, display ads, or any other place where you can push people into the funnel.

You want to capture their attention with something that’s valuable or informative.

Maybe it’s an animated video which talks about how insurance companies make money and why they charge more for life insurance policies then they do car insurance.

This might be an interesting video for people to watch, which would make them more likely to want to click on it and learn more.

You can use this page very effectively with your banner ads by offering something like a free guide on how to choose the right life insurance policy.  

Once they sign up for the free information there’s a good chance that they will then click the link in your email autoresponder, which brings them into Step 2.

Middle of the Funnel: Lead Magnet

If they don’t sign up for your free information, you can use an evergreen lead magnet to capture their details.

This is a piece of content that’s available on a certain topic, and that’s useful for your audience, but it never goes out of style.  

You can use a lead magnet to get their email address so you can follow up with them later.

Once they give you their email address, they’ll be brought into the same Step 1 Awareness section for a second time.

Bottom of the Funnel: Sales Pitch

This step is where you’ll be selling them on your product or service, and the great thing about this is that it’s created for you already.

All of the landing pages are set up with the necessary components to make a successful online sale.

For example, if they decide to sign up for your free guide, they will be brought to a page with a form on it.

Once they fill out the contact information and click submit, this action alone will bring them back into Step 2 Lead Magnet section.

You can set up your entire sales funnel in less than an hour using ClickFunnels!

We’ll go ahead and take this idea of an insurance sales funnel one step further.

Let’s say you would like to create a website where your audience can go to purchase different types of insurance policies.  

You can create this using ClickFunnels, and it has the potential to become the ultimate lead capture machine!

As people are browsing your site they’ll be pushed through your sales funnel where they can eventually be sold on all different kinds of insurance policies.

If you follow the idea above, you’ll have a lead capture page, free guide to help people choose the right type of policy for their needs, and then your main website which is set up with landing pages that can sell them any policy they’re interested in.

ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents: How Do I Use ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents?

The life cycle of insurance agents is pretty simple and straightforward.

Sales Funnel for insurance agents can be categorized into 3 stages.

Which is the sales stage, growth stage, and ultimately systemize stage.

The sales funnel for these 3 stages can be different in terms of sales copy but the same in terms of funnel steps.

Sales Stage

The sales stage is when a person just gets started as insurance agent.

The sales process for a traditional marketing insurance agent is selling through face-to-face meetings.

For example, a person just graduated from college and wants to be an insurance agent.

He starts his own insurance business under his family office or he gets hired by an established agency as an entry-level agent.

The first thing for this person is not to learn the inner workings of this business, but to start cultivating leads.

The lead can come from many different sources, but one popular method is getting leads from other agents who are retiring or quitting the business.

These retired agents will continue to get insurance commissions until their termination date which means they will still receive client information.  

This person can then contact these former clients and offer his new services.

But this scenario does not happen to all agents as most retiree has their prodigy or they receive so many agents asking for their list of clients.  

Which is the first challenge as an insurance agent.

The second challenge for this entry-level person is to learn how to sell.

Selling insurance to your existing clientele and potential new ones is probably the hardest challenge he’ll face in his life, but it’s also the most rewarding.

The reason it’s so important for him to learn how to sell is that selling is the determining factor between failure and success in this business.

All insurance agents have access to the same data, information, tools and resources they need to be successful so the only thing that distinguishes one agent from another is their ability to sell.

If this person can master the art of selling, they will be extremely successful and this is something that has to be learned and cannot be taught.

Selling insurance is like any other product or service sale.

It takes effort and time to close a deal but it’s so rewarding when you finally do!

But what if you can’t sell?

Well, you just don’t have what it takes and this is something that an insurance agent has to come to terms with.

But what if you could leverage the tops salesperson sales pitch and turn it into a sales copy in your sales funnel or landing pages?

Here is where ClickFunnels can help you.

The first thing is to have a good sales pitch that communicates the benefits of your insurance products and services which helps to build trust with your clients.

This pitch can be turned into a video or a presentation with a voiceover explaining all the benefits of using your policy.

You can turn this pitch into a home page of your website with one click.

And this is how you place these videos or presentations on the landing pages that are connected to the top of your sales funnel.

With this on hand, all you need to do is drive traffic into your sales funnel with facebook ads or social media sharing.

With lead magnets on hand, you will steady flow of leads and potential clients hearing about your great sales pitch and this will eventually result in more closed deals!

Sales Letter Funnel

Sales Letter Funnel
ClickFunnels For Insurance
Source: ClickFunnels Cookbook

Video Sales Letter Funnel

Video Sales Letter Funnel
ClickFunnels for insurance
Source: ClickFunnels Cookbook

As you can see the design is quite similar.

However, it is advice to use a combination of both.

Pro Tip: Use Funnel Scripts to speed up your copy.

Growth Stage

So, you’re starting to establish yourself as an agent and making a decent living and recognize as MDRT, COT, or even TOT.  


But what’s next?

This is when you start to think about how to grow to the next level.

To start your insurance agency business or branch out to another territory.

The first thing is to evaluate is do you have the headcount to start an agency.

Can you commit to the numbers to sustain as an agency?

If you at the growth stage meaning you already sort out the secrets of selling then you should start thinking about using ClickFunnels to automate your insurance business.

This is where you can get clients through the internet without having to do a lot of manual work.

You have an array of tools at your disposal so let’s look at what are these options?

The first thing is you can build sales pages that will capture the lead information of the potential client.

And this is how you build your funnel with these tools.  


Lead capture pages are meant to get contact details like the email address of the potential client.  

And this is how you make money without doing any manual work after they optin for more information about your insurance products and services.

This service that you provide is optional and they can pick the products or services after doing their research.

You’re giving them all the information to choose you over your competitors.

And this is like the ultimate sales pitch!

A complete sales funnel with landing pages, lead capture pages, auto responders, video presentations and webinars to tell the client all about your insurance business and how you can help them.

And they don’t even need to make a phone call or send an email.

All this is done on autopilot with ClickFunnels!

This is one of the major reasons why most agents who made it successfully to this level use ClickFunnels to automate their business.

ClickFunnels is one of the most powerful marketing automation systems on the market today and insurance agents who use it can attest to its effectiveness.

Here are some pointers why you should start using ClickFunnels for your insurance business or any other products or services for that matter:

  • You don’t need technical skills to use ClickFunnels
  • It is easy to set up with zero learning curve especially if you already know how to use WordPress.
  • You can create multiple landing pages and funnel with lead capture in minutes.
  • With the drag and drop feature, it’s very simple to create entire sales funnels.
  • You can easily add content with a few clicks of a button.
  • You can create your own membership site to sell additional products and services just like how Dave Ramsey offers financial training to his members.
  • And this is how you profit from upsells without doing any manual work!
  • It’s easy to track the performance of all your landing pages, sales and conversions.
  • You get the benefit of reduced advertising costs and free organic traffic from search engines.  
  • With all these features, your insurance website will be able to compete with the big guys in your industry and this is how you build a long term business that can sustain for another 10 years or more!
  • You can also use ClickFunnels for other businesses that you want to grow like your insurance business.
  • Creating a high converting funnel generate leads.
  • Split Testing Feature

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The Sales Funnel Type: Growth Stage

  • Video Sales Letter Funnel
  • Membership Funnels-Training Videos
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Follow Up Funnels
  • Giveaway Funnels

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Systemize Stage

This would be the final stage of your insurance career where you achieved everything you wanted in your insurance business.

You have established your authority in this insurance industry.

But you are still hungry and want to answer your calling.

What’s next?

To serve more people in the insurance industries and accept invitations from competitors to give a motivational talk or even help them to systemize their process.

With so much application from the interested party, it is very hard for you to filter which is qualified leads.

This is where you will create an application funnel.

Application Funnel can be used for recruitment and also it a very good funnel to qualify leads.

As you established yourself there are tons of incoming invitations and others.

But which one is the best for you?

With the application funnel, you can sell without selling.

I am sure you have heard of takeaway selling.

The application funnel can help you with just that!

The applicant sells themself to you instead.

Or even potential recruits try to sell themself to be part of the team.

All can be done with a simple application funnel in place.

The Sales Funnel Type: Systemize stage

  • Video Sales Letter Funnel
  • Membership Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Follow Up Funnels
  • Giveaway Funnels
  • Application Funnels

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ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents: Conclusion

I hope this blog has helped to show you the benefits of using ClickFunnels for your insurance business.

If it did, join today and take advantage of all our resources!

You can use any type of funnel with ClickFunnels including email autoresponder or membership sites.

ClickFunnels also has multiple integrations that will help you automate many aspects of your business which is very valuable in an industry like insurance where there are so many moving parts.

The best part?

It’s only $97/month no matter how big your team gets (as long as they stay on monthly billing)!

So if you want to grow faster than ever before, try out ClickFunnels now!

Now you can get started with ClickFunnels with:

ClickFunnels 14-Days Free Trial:


ClickFunnels 30-Days Free Trial:

To Your Success!

Your First Funnel Challenge is a 5-Day Online Event(FREE) to help you build and launch your online business by leveraging “Sales Funnel”!

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee.  I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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