ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

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ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Hello there!

Welcome to my ClickFunnels Affiliate Program guide.

I’m glad you’re here and I’m excited to share with you everything that you need to know about this program.

In this guide, you will learn about:

  • What the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is
  • How to join the program
  • What commissions you can earn
  • How to promote ClickFunnels
  • Tips for being a successful affiliate

Let’s get started!

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Let’s take a quick look at what the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is.

This program is a way for you to earn commissions by promoting ClickFunnels.

You can earn commissions by referring people to ClickFunnels and they sign up for a paid account.

Commission rates vary depending on your affiliate level, but can be as high as 40%.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Does ClickFunnels Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, ClickFunnels does have an affiliate program.

All ClickFunnels users are automatically enrolled in the program when they sign up for ClickFunnels account.

You can find your affiliate links and tools in the ClickFunnels dashboard under the “Affiliates” tab.

ClickFunnels affiliate program offers you up to 40% recurring commission on all sales that you generate.

This means that you will earn a commission on every payment made by your referral, for as long as they stay a ClickFunnels customer.

You can also promote ClickFunnels without having an active subscription.

I will show you how in a minute.

Is ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is free to join.

You don’t need to pay anything to become an affiliate and start promoting ClickFunnels.

You can become a ClickFunnels affiliate program without having an audience or a website.

And also there is no minimum sales requirement and no time limit to remain an affiliate.

As a New ClickFunnels Affiliate, you can start promoting the following:

  • Dotcom Secrets: Great book to share with your audience about growing online business with sales funnel(Start with this book if you are new).
  • Expert Secrets: Great book to share with your audience about how to position yourself as the experts.
  • Traffic Secrets: Great book to share with your audience to learn how to find their dream customers.
  • 30 Days Summit: The summit provides a plan that you can follow if you lose everything in 30 days.

I know what you are thinking…

You’re probably thinking what about ClickFunnels software? 

To be able to promote ClickFunnels software, you must achieve $1,000 in commission generated in 30 days.

What Are ClickFunnels Affiliate Commissions?

Now let’s take a look at the exciting part.(The numbers!)

ClickFunnels affiliates able to earn up to 40% on all ClickFunnels front-end offers.

Here’s a list of ClickFunnels front-end offers:

For every sales of these books you earn $1 per book.

It may sound little, but the potential of the book funnel earning is up to $311.00!

That’s massive increase right?(Power of Sales Funnel!)


Let’s take Dotcom Secrets Book for example. 

Dotcom Secrets

This is what is being offered to your customers in Dotcom Secrets Funnel.

It’s pretty cool right?

With a simple tripwire funnel and the potential of earing is up to $311.

If you are an entrepreneurs who has a book or ebooks to sell, you MUST Funnel Hack this process.

How to funnel hack?


Here’s a 2 simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Screenshot all the pages.

Note: I use GoFullPage chrome extension to take the screenshot.(Desktop Only)

Apart from  Dotcom Secrets funnel, you can also promote Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

Both books are amazing, and I’m sure your audience will love it.

How about One Funnel Away Challenge and 30 Days Summit?

Glad you asked!

You can also promote the ClickFunnels’ flagship product, which is One Funnel Away Challenge and 30 Days Summit.

You will received a $100 CPA commission for any sales of one funnel away challenge or 30 days summit.

Which one should I promote 1st?

Affiliate marketing industry is full of people who doesn’t try or buy the products they promote.

I’m sure you are not one of them.

If you haven’t read any of Russell’s book go get one yourself. 

Where to start?

If you don’t have a funnel yet read Dotcom Secrets;

If you don’t have a product yet read Expert Secrets;

If you need more traffic read Traffic Secrets.

So we covered ClickFunnels front-end offers.

Next, let’s take a look at ClickFunnels back-end offers.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Commission Tiers

ClickFunnels back-end offers allows  you to promote ClickFunnels software and receive a recurring commission.

The ClickFunnels affiliate payout structure is as follows:

Tier 1 affiliates earn a commission rate of 20% on the pricing plans. This means you make $19.40 per month for the starter plan and $59.40 per month for the Platinum plan.

To graduate to Tier 2, affiliates must earn $1,000 worth of commissions in a month.

Tier 2 affiliates earn a 30% recurring monthly commission, meaning they make $29.10 per month for the starter plan and $89.10 per month for the Platinum plan.

To reach Tier 3, affiliates must have at least 40 premium users who have paid for their membership through your affiliate ID for a minimum of 30 days.

Tier 3 affiliates earn a 40% recurring monthly commission, which translates to $38.80 per month for starter users and $118.80 per month for Platinum users as long as they remain customers.

Adding these commission rates to the other front-end and back-end offers can result in a good payday for ClickFunnels affiliates.

How Much Can You Earn With the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

The sky is the limit.

There is no cap at how much you can earn with the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

The only thing that will determine how much you make is how many people you can get to sign up for ClickFunnels through your affiliate link.

Of course, the more expensive the plans that they purchase, the more money you’ll make each month.

But there is no limit as to how much you can earn.

I haven’t earn a million in commission with ClickFunnels just yet. 

But I know people who have.

Check out this video how Spencer Mecham earns $3,000,000 in commission with ClickFunnels.

Pretty amazing right?

Imagine how would that be if you could add extra few hundreds or thousand dollars in your business every month.

Wanna see how he did it back in 2017?

Dream Car Affiliate Contest

If ClickFunnels pays you $500 or $1,000 a month, what car would you like to buy?

Yes, its true.

The part of the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program that encourages and acknowledges their affiliates is the Dream Car contest.

How to qualify for the Dream Car contest?

Once you join the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you’re automatically enrolled in the dream car contest.

In order to qualify for the Dream Car contest, you must sign up new members.

For every 100 active members you sign up, ClickFunnels will cover your lease for a dream car at $500.

If you sign up 200 active members, the pay is up to $1,000 per month.

Once you reach the required number of users, you can lease your dream car and ClickFunnels will provide a $500 reimbursement check.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
Hooray! I only got 99 More to go!!!

So, if you are looking for an incentive to join the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program, this is it!

What Is the Minimum ClickFunnels Affiliate Payout?

The minimum payout amount with ClickFunnels is $100.

ClickFunnels pays out affiliate commissions twice a month on the 1st and 15th.

ClickFunnels uses for their payout management.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Payouts: How They Pay Their Affiliates?

If you’re looking to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, you’ll be happy to know that they offer payouts on the 1st and 15th of each month.

However, in order to receive these payments, you’ll need to set up a Tipalti account.

Once you’ve signed up for the affiliate program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to do this.

Getting your first payment can be a little complex.

The first payment is made after 75 days from the day that a referred customer signs up for a paid account.

However, if they cancel their ClickFunnels account after the free 14-day trial period, you won’t receive any payment.

If they continue and sign up for a paid plan, there is a 30-day cooling stage.

If a customer asks for a refund during this time, you still won’t receive any payment.

You will start earning commissions 45 days later after the cooling stage period has elapsed.

How Does the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Work?

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is a great way to make money if you are already using their product.

As an affiliate, you will have access to marketing resources to promote ClickFunnels and their other products.

This includes ads, banners, emails, and graphic tools.

You will also receive your own personal affiliate ID link for each product you promote.

Additionally, the affiliate program comes with sticky cookies.

Sticky cookies allow you to get passive commissions, which means you can make money even if the person you referred does not purchase anything right away.

For your cookies to be eligible, they must have your affiliate ID on file.

The cookies expire after 30 days.

So, if you are already using ClickFunnels and want to make some extra money, go get your affiliate link in your affiliate dashboard. 

And start promoting!

Who Should Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program?

ClickFunnels affiliate program is a great program for anyone who is looking to make some extra money.

If you are already using ClickFunnels, it’s a no-brainer to join the affiliate program and start making some commissions.

However, if you’re not currently using their product, you can still join the affiliate program.

You will have access to all the necessary marketing resources to promote ClickFunnels.

Additionally, you don’t need to be an expert in online marketing to join the affiliate program.

The training materials provided will help you get started quickly.

Plus, the sticky cookies and high commission rates make it a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money online.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Signup Process

ClickFunnels offers a simple and straightforward affiliate signup process.

All you need to do is go to their website and fill out the form with your basic information.

After you submit the form, you will be taken to the affiliate dashboard where you can find your affiliate ID and links.

You will also be able to access training materials and marketing resources.

The entire process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

If you are ClickFunnels users just head to your ClickFunnels accounts and find affiliate tab on top right.

How to Become ClickFunnels Affiliate

There are three ways to become a ClickFunnels affiliate:

1) If you have the ClickFunnels software, you are automatically an affiliate.

2) Sign up for ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

3) If you sign up through the official ClickFunnels affiliate page, you become an affiliate.

How to Access the ClickFunnels Affiliate Center?

To access the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you’ll need to log into your ClickFunnels account.

Once you’re logged in, hover over the Account avatar at the top right corner of your dashboard and click affiliates.

Next, click the ‘log into your account button’ now on the top right corner.

This will take you to the affiliate center, where you can view promotions and materials approved for you.

How to Login to Your ClickFunnels Affiliate Account?

There is 2 way you can  login to your ClickFunnels affiliate account, which are:

If you are ClickFunnels users simply head to your ClickFunnels accounts and find affiliate tab on top right.


If you are not ClickFunnels users, you can go to the affiliate login page and choose “Non-ClickFunnels User” then login with your email and password.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
Login to Your ClickFunnels Affiliate Account

Join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Free Training

If you want to become a ClickFunnels affiliate, the best way to start is by joining their Affiliate Bootcamp free training.

This training will teach you everything you need to know about promoting ClickFunnels products.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a training program created by Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels.

The training is free to join and it will teach you how to be a successful affiliate marketer.

You will learn how to generate traffic, build your list, and make sales.

This Bootcamp covers everything from beginner to advanced affiliate marketing techniques.

The Bootcamp is a great way to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing and it’s completely free.

You can sign up for the Affiliate Bootcamp here.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

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